Winston Patio Furniture: Quality and Craftsmanship

Winston Patio Furniture: Quality and Craftsmanship

Winston Patio Furniture is some of the finest outdoor furniture made in the United States today. Since 1975, Winston Patio Furniture has been known for using the highest quality materials to create beautiful and durable pieces. With a variety of styles, designs, and fabrics, you are certain to find something among the Winston Patio Furniture line that will be perfect for your outdoor spaces.

The Promise of Quality

Winston Patio Furniture is built to the highest quality standards. Their cast aluminum frames are manufactured in the United States with strict attention to detail. All of the fabrics used for the covers and cushions on Winston Patio Furniture are top quality and guaranteed to stay beautiful for a long time. Winston Patio Furniture does not use any plastic in their products, instead using durable nylon as well as stainless steel hardware. The result is not only exceptionally beautiful furniture, but also strong furniture that will last. To ensure beautiful high quality finishes on all Winston Patio Furniture, a four step process is used and applied by hand. The powder coating on the furniture is a strong and attractive finish.

The Winston Patio Furniture Collections

Currently, Winston Patio Furniture comes in 26 different collections with styles varying from classic to contemporary. They even have a line of furniture known as the Vertical Living Collection, designed specifically for urban outdoor spaces that require patio furniture on a smaller scale. The collections offer comfortable seating as well as versatile surfaces for dining as well as casual coffee or cocktails on the patio. Table options include glass tops, mosaic top, cobblestone and even stamped aluminum. Three types of chairs: cushion, vinyl strap and sling, are further broken down into even more choices so you can find the right collection of patio furniture for you. Winston Patio Furniture also makes umbrellas and umbrella bases to offer you some shade as you relax in the outdoors. Finding your favorite collection of patio furniture might be the hardest part with so many beautiful options to choose from.

Selection For Your Style

Winston Patio Furniture is available in 150 different fabrics and 16 options for the frame finish. This means you can customize your patio furniture for precisely the look you desire. Choose your frame finish and match the colors to the rest of your outdoor décor – or use one of the Winston Patio Furniture fabrics as a starting point for selecting the rest of your patio pieces. There is a fabric, pattern, and color palette to suit every taste.

From seating to shade, Winston Patio Furniture has all of the pieces you need to create an outdoor oasis. The guaranteed quality that goes into every piece means that this may be the last patio furniture you ever purchase. With hand finished frames, custom fabric choices and the strength of cast aluminum and stainless steel hardware, your Winston Patio Furniture is built for a lifetime. With the right maintenance and care, you will be enjoying the outdoors on your Winston Patio Furniture for many beautiful summer seasons to come.

Photo courtesy of Winston Furniture.