Types of Bathtub Surrounds

Types of Bathtub Surrounds

Bathrooms are where we perform our daily hygiene tasks, and nobody likes a dirty bathroom. Keeping tile and paint bright and clean can be difficult, and bacteria can harbor in small cracks making what should be one of the most sanitary rooms in the home prone to germs and build-up. Remodeling can be expensive, but having a clean, presentable bathroom is vital to maintaining or improving the value of your home. So what is one to do? Thanks to a growing demand for affordable bathroom improvement options, homeowners now have the option to purchase and install bathtub surrounds. These provide customers with a beautiful, easily installed alternative to a full blown remodel.

Bathtub surrounds are fantastic because, when properly installed, they provide a watertight barrier around the bathtub that protects the interior walls from mildew and water damage. Bathtub surrounds are becoming being seen more and more as the affordable alternative to expensive remodeling. Kits for self-installation are growing in popularity, and there are many new businesses that offer custom fitting, design, and installation, taking the hassle out of the process altogether. The low cost of anywhere from 50 for lower end models to 500 for higher end models, makes them especially appealing.

Possibly one of the best features of bathroom surrounds are their adaptable styles. Homeowners can choose from a variety of premade designs, or opt for a custom design according to their tastes. If you’re looking for an even more dramatic improvement to your existing bathroom, bathroom surrounds often come with the option of adding a bathtub liner. This fits over the existing bathtub, and eliminates the need for removal of the bathtub. Best of all, the process of installing both the bathtub surround, and liner, can take as little as 24 hours to complete, giving you a stunning bathroom makeover in almost no time. You also have the option of choosing a surround that goes with your existing décor for a simply updated look, or choosing a new modern style that completely transforms your bathroom, with all the bells and whistles like built in shelving, towel rods, and soap holders. Options for material include the easy to clean PVS or vinyl surrounds. There are also stone and wood bathroom surrounds, but these are often more difficult to maintain and install, and it’s best to leave these to a professional or somebody with more than just a little construction experience.

Installing Your Own Bathtub Surround

If you choose to install your own bathtub surround, the process is actually quite simple. Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions and guidelines for proper installation. With this in mind, the process of installation is pretty similar between brands and models. You’ll first want to prep the walls by removing all bathtub fixtures such as faucets, soap dishes, and any other items that may protrude from the walls. This helps to ensure that the bathtub surround fits easily against the wall. Since the surround fits over just about any type of firm surface, if your walls are firm, you won’t need to do much outside of perhaps sanding tile so the adhesive holds. If your walls are soft, you’ll want to have them repaired before installation to prevent further internal damage. Remove any damaged tiles, and fill in gaps with drywall. Next you’ll want to prepare the surface with a latex primer. The next step will be to measure and cut holes in the appropriate place. This will need to be as precise as possible to ensure proper water proofing. Next, you’ll want to apply the surround to the walls without adhesive, to check the fit. Once you are certain everything is aligned properly, reattach the surround, but this time with the adhesive. After allowing the adhesive to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions, simply reattach the fittings, and you’re good to go! It’s that simple.

Whether you choose to install your own bathtub surround, or opt for a custom design and installation, you can be certain that a bathtub surround will be a fantastic investment. With easy maintenance, affordability, and simple installation, bathtub surrounds offer all the advantages of a full remodel, without the difficulty and stress.