How To Make Burlap Curtains

How To Make Burlap Curtains

Burlap curtains while very simplistic can be very appealing to look at when they are made right. When completed your burlap curtains will provide a nice privacy barrier keeping out prying eyes as well as the sun. You can make a burlap curtain without any knowledge of sewing or a sewing machine. If you have ever used an iron on before you will be in pretty good shape and if you haven’t it isn’t a difficult to learn skill. You will feel accomplished when you finish that first burlap curtain and you will probably be excited to get the rest of them done. I would recommend only buying the material for one curtain in the beginning and then deciding whether or not you want to make the rest after the first is finished.

What You’ll Need:


  • Fusible Bonding Web
  • Enough Burlap to Cover Window
  • Tension Curtain Rod


  • Iron
  • Tape Measure

Steps to Make Your Burlap Curtains

Step 1:
The first thing you have to do is take your window measurements. You will be measuring from the inside of the sill and then adding 6 inches to your measurements. Take your measurements and go buy a piece of burlap that is big enough to cover your measurements with the added 6 inches. It is very important that your measurements are accurate and I would encourage you to check them a few times before leaving to buy the materials.

Step 2:
After you have your burlap in hand pull out 5 strings from each of the side edges. You will unravel the edges of the curtains to give them a frayed look that adds to the appeal. This is a very important step to the look of the curtains and it is why you added 6” to your measurements to begin with.

Step 3:
Take the top of your curtain and fold it down 6” over top of itself. You will then proceed to cut enough fusible bonding web to go from one side of the burlap to the other. Lay the web underneath the fold right at the very edge where the burlap comes together. Follow the directions on the webbing for heating and time instructions. Get your iron ready and heat up the webbing until the burlap adheres to itself. This loops is going to be where your curtain rod goes. When you finish this step you are most of the way done with your new curtains.

Step 4:
Do what you did on the side edges of your curtain to the bottom. Make sure to fray the bottom well enough for it to be noticeable but not damaging. Around 5 strings should be fine for the bottom just like the sides. After you finish fraying the bottom it will be time to install your new curtain. Make sure to take your time and to work with the material gently. There is nothing worse than a torn curtain.

Step 5:
The first step of installing your new curtain is to put the curtain rod through the pocket you made earlier. Make sure to do this part gently so that you don’t rip the pocket apart. The webbing is pretty strong but you could still break the curtain if you are too forceful.

After the curtain rod is in place mount it on the window following the instructions on the package and admire your new creation. This is the point where you will decide whether you want to make any more curtains or not.

Step 6:
You just have to repeat the steps here for any additional curtains you decide to make. You can mix and match different colors are choose one solid color for your room. Other materials can be used for homemade curtains as well.

Hopefully your new homemade curtains are everything you dreamed they would be. They are relatively easy to make when you know the process involved. There really aren’t many ways to mess up this kind of curtain. Just be sure that your measurements are accurate and take care to avoid burning the curtain with the iron and you are pretty much guaranteed a new, stylish curtain for a minimal amount of effort.