All About U-Coat-It Floor Coatings

All About U-Coat-It Floor Coatings

As most homeowners are aware, garage floors are quick to become some of the most greasy, messy, difficult to clean surfaces in the home. Subject to high traffic from vehicles, sporting equipment, lawn and garden supplies, and muddy feet, the garage floor can instantly become an overwhelming mess. This is why a U-Coat-It floor coating system could come in handy. Of course, if you want to experience the benefits of U-Coat-It, you certainly don’t have to be limited only using it in your garage. Because of the versatility and professional-grade quality of U-Coat-It products, the U-Coat-It floor coating systems are perfect for spaces like the basement, patio, mud and recreational rooms, and even dog houses.

One of the best features of U-Coat-It floor coverings is that it’s designed for commercial use in professional automobile and race shops, but it’s available for use in your own residential home. U-Coat-It floor covering is not like anything you’ll find at your local hardware store. In fact, unlike paints and stains, U-Coat-It is an epoxy based floor coating that permanently bonds to almost any cement or wood surface. This environmentally acceptable, water-based coating is virtually fume and odor free, during and after application, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor application.

U-Coat-It can easily transform any dirty, grimy floor into a safe, attractive, and easy to maintain surface that will last for years. U-Coat-It is so sure of their product’s quality that their floor coatings even come with a limited lifetime warranty against “hot tire pick-up,” as well as blistering or peeling. U-Coat-It protects your concrete or wood surface against chemicals, surface abrasions, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic. Remember that these are designed for use in commercial service facilities, most of which experience far more impact than your home garage, patio, or basement will.

Not only is U-Coat-It floor coating designed to provide the customer with the highest quality surface cover, but you don’t even need a professional to install it. This dynamic epoxy coating is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. All U-Coat-It Kits come with everything you need to install the professional floor coating yourself. Included in each kit are the necessary applicator tools, including the roller and brush, as well as a mixing pail, installation manual, clean up items, and an instructional DVD that explains everything you need to know to easily install the U-Coat-It floor coating without hiring a professional. Each kit includes enough bond coat and color finish coat to cover between 400-576 square feet of concrete or wood surface. Once it’s installed, it takes only 24 hours to dry completely, meaning not only do you save money on professional installation, but you save time as well.

In addition to it’s base floor coating kits, U-Coat-It also offers a line of high-gloss top coats to add brilliant shine and enhance the already chemically resistant properties of the existing U-Coat-It floor coating. The UGloss top coats comes in clear, or can be tinted to match your existing base floor covering. Another line of top coats is the UCoat UltraLife system. This is a thick coating of UGloss, combined with an application of decorative flakes. These flakes play double-duty by adding texture to your surface that can help to conceal underlying imperfections, and also concealing dirt and debris. Maintenance of your U-Coat-It floor coating is simple. It usually takes little more effort than spraying the surface down with a hose, or mopping it with a mop, but for tougher clean-up jobs U-Coat-It offers a variety of repair and cleaning supplies to help you along the way. Since U-Coat-It is not designed to be filler or patching material, it won’t fill cracks in your existing floor. U-Coat-It recommends that you apply their UPatch product between applying the bond and color finish coats of your U-Coat-It floor coating.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the durability and appearance of any concrete or wood surface at your home or service shop, U-Coat-It provides a long-lasting, professional product that just might be what you’re looking for. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s easy to maintain but is guaranteed to provide quality protection for at least as long as you own your home.