All About the Remington Pole Saw

All About the Remington Pole Saw

Trimming trees can be a difficult task with a normal chain saw. You either have to climb the tree or get on a long ladder or scaffold. The whole process just takes a long time and manages to be pretty awkward. If you decide not to trim your tree and hire a service to do it for you expect to shell out a lot of money. Typically you will spend at least $20 for every tree that you need trimmed. This price will quickly go up if the tree is quite large or a difficult type of wood. With a few trees it is easy to see how this could become expensive fast. Another solution to this problem is to get a pole saw.

Pole saws are great because they let you cut branches that are high up right from the ground. They are basically a light weight saw that is on the end of an adjustable bar. You extend the saw to the height you want and operate it from the end of the pole. They make pruning trees a much simpler task and will save you time and money.

Remington Pole Saw Types

There are a variety of Remington pole saws available. They are all electric which means that they are lighter weight than the standard gas saws. While most people associate electric saws with low power this isn’t the case with the Remington pole saws. Many users have reported being able to cut very large logs with their seemingly large saw.

There are a number of different sizes available when you buy a pole saw from Remington. They range from a 6 inch saw up to a 10 inch and there are both corded and cordless saws. I would only recommend the corded saws unless you have some really light trimming to do. Cordless chain saws don’t last very long on a single battery charge and you will find yourself going through quite a few batteries before finishing a decent sized job.

The cordless saws also lack an auto feed for oil. You have to manually oil the chain as you use it which can be a tedious task to say the least.

Remington pole saws have a very nice feature unlike many other pole saws that allows you to use the saw without the pole. On the corded versions you simply take the pole off and it is ready to go. One the cordless saws you have to take off the pole and put the battery in the back of the saw. Either way you are getting a dual purpose tool for a price that is less than or as much as many of the other pole saws out there.

The Price of a Remington Pole Saw

These saws are some of the cheapest available today. You can get a Remington pole saw for as little as $100 while many of the saws from other brands are $300 and up. There are a few aspects of these saws that make them a little awkward to use but they still remain a bargain compared to many of the other brands available.

Downsides of the Remington Pole Saw

The one complaint that came from most users of these saws is the motor placement. The motor is attached to the end of the poles on these saws while on other saws it is below your hands. They are basically a full chain saw attached to the end of a pole which can make them hard to use when fully extended. Having the motor out at the end of the pole gives you much less control over the device. When the motor is below your hands there is less weight on your arms and you will be able to maneuver the saw easier.

While standard chain saws are great for most cutting tasks that are close to the ground, pole saws are the only way to go when you have to get the branches high above. You don’t want to have to climb all the trees in your yard just to get to a couple branches and with a pole saw you won’t have to. It may seem like a waste of money to buy an additional tool to do something you can already achieve with a normal saw, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle when trimming your trees.