All About Boxwood Shrubs

All About Boxwood Shrubs

Having the best yard or landscaping on your street isn’t all about how green your grass is. Decorative plants and shrubberies offer unique and eye-catching additions to any yard, garden, or walkway, and generate that desired curb appeal that has everyone talking. One way to create the kind of professional look that the neighbors will notice is to incorporate Boxwood shrubs into your landscaping design. These beautiful plants are already commonly used in many homes and gardens and look almost like art pieces for the outdoors. Their simple maintenance and lovely multicolored foliage create for their owners a straightforward, beautiful display that is sure to impress.

Boxwood shrubs can make beautiful ornamental plants by themselves, and can be trimmed into elegant geometric shapes that add interest to your backyard landscape. One of the great features of Boxwood shrubs are that they are very thick, and tend to become even denser if you keep them trimmed properly. Native to parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Central Americas, Boxwood shrubs offer over 70 species for you to choose from. These slow-growing evergreen plants are known for their hardiness and versatility, holding up well in even questionable conditions and withstanding difficult seasons, making them the perfect option for fearful plant owners concerned with ease of maintenance. Boxwood shrubs, for this reason, can also be used as a fence, to define your yard or garden or create a sense of privacy for you and your family. Or you can use the Boxwood shrub as a screen, to hide ugly power boxes, or other eyesores. In these cases, it’s best to maintain some shape so that they look professional and taken care of. Some people find they are content letting their box shrubs grow into their natural shape, but trimming and pruning helps to keep them healthy, so even if you intend to let your shrub grow wildly, some trimming may be necessary. If you choose to let your Boxwood shrub grow without shaping, these lovely shrubs can grow to be over 10 feet tall!

How To Trim Boxwood Shrubs

Trimming your Boxwood shrubs, or ‘box’ shrub as they’re commonly referred to, isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Unless you’re especially experienced at unique designs, it’s best to stick to simple straight lines until you gain experience. The first few times you trim your Boxwood shrub, you may wish to make the process of trimming and pruning easier by creating guidelines for yourself. Sticking stakes at various intervals across the hedge, and running a string between the stakes will give you a visual estimate of where you need to trim to. Eventually, you will develop the skill to trim the shrub without using a guide. Trimming will most likely need to be done frequently as shrubs tend to grow quickly. When you first plant your shrubs, you’ll want to plant them in well drained soil, in a location where they get steady partial shade. Fertilizing the shrub twice a year will make sure it receives the necessary nutrients that the soil or environment may be lacking. Extreme sunlight, shade, and dampness should be avoided if at all possible, as these environments don’t provide conditions ideal for Boxwood shrubs and may result in an unhealthy plant.

If you’re looking for a tried and true way to enhance the appearance of your lawn or garden, Boxwoods have the commercial history and reputation of being the perfect shrub for classic homes to elegant mansions. Simple to maintain, and easy on the eyes, the Boxwood shrub has holds up well in most conditions, quickly and beautifully enhancing the look of any home’s yard or garden.