A Guide to White Oak Flooring

A Guide to White Oak Flooring

There is something about a wooden floor that says quality. Homes with wooden floors are valued higher than floors without. Realtors love to see homes filled with wooden floors and one of the first things out of their mouth’s is “there are hardwoods throughout the house”. It is one of the first modifications a new home owner typically makes to their home.

When considering a hardwood floor you will have to weigh the options of all the different hardwoods available. Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Birch, Pine, and Maple. Those are just a few of the many hardwoods that are available for flooring. They all come with their distinct qualities and more importantly their own look.

The Benefits of White Oak Flooring

When you choose your hardwood it will be because of the look of the floor and the price you have to pay for it. White Oak flooring has a sandy brown color that goes well with most surroundings. It also happens to be on the cheaper end of the scale as far as hardwoods are concerned. It is not quite as luxurious as cherry or heart pine but it is more cost effective and it looks just as nice. For those two reasons White Oak flooring is a very popular choice for many home owners.

There is a lot to be said about white oak. It is a very strong wood that is difficult to dent. This is very important in flooring because you don’t want huge dents in your floors if you accidentally drop something heavy.

Another great thing about white oak is how fine it is. It is slightly softer than red oak but it has finer grains and it easier to touch. It will be more comfortable to walk on than many other wood floors and it is easy to finish. White Oak is also very water resistant, which isn’t extraordinarily important when it is being used indoors but it will come in handy when something is spilled on the floor.

Oak has been used for construction purposes throughout history. There are more than 295 different kinds of Oak produced throughout the world and that is why it is cheaper than many other types of hardwood.

White Oak Flooring Installation

As far as installation is concerned white oak is one of the easier types of wood to put in. When searching for wood for your flooring it is recommended to look for flooring that has been grown on high, well drained land. This wood has a more even grain, is finer, and much straighter. This type of wood just makes installation easier. If you get wood that is grown in low humid areas it will be twisted although it will be stronger as well.

Where To Put Your New Flooring

White Oak flooring is very popular in homes, but there are certain areas in your home that will be better complimented by oak flooring than others. Typically the bedrooms and dining room are the first places to get hardwood floors. They are both going to be seen quite a bit and they will benefit the most from the appealing look of oak flooring.

Many people have put white oak flooring in their kitchens and while wood flooring is not normally encouraged for kitchens the water resistant qualities of white oak make it a great option for your kitchen floor. As long as you make sure that it is waxed and finished regularly you won’t have to worry about your flooring wearing out any time soon.


While white oak flooring is pretty resilient compared to many other types of wood it still requires maintenance. Like most wood floors it will become worn and scuffed over time. People will scrape your floors and eventually the surface will lose its appealing look no matter how careful you are. Luckily hardwood floors can be sanded down and refinished. When you sand your floors down make sure that you only go as far as you have to to get a nice clean surface. Be careful though, you can only sand so many times before you have to replace your floor and sanding down too far will lower that number of times even faster.

It is advised to wax your wooden floor every couple months as long as you don’t have a polyurethane finish. If you have a polyurethane finish it is best to find out how to polish your floor from the manufacturer.

White Oak floors are a great way to add to the value and appeal of your home and hopefully you have a better idea of how to purchase and maintain them now.