A Guide to Keter Sheds

A Guide to Keter Sheds

With the average American family now owning 2.8 vehicles, the garage is quickly becoming less of an option for storing typical outdoor items like lawn mowers, sporting equipment, and gardening tools. Instead, families are now discovering the convenience of outdoor storage sheds. But with all the storage shed options on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which storage shed is the right choice for you. For many consumers, Keter sheds are the perfect solution. Keter sheds offer the convenience and affordability, without having to sacrifice durability and quality. Consumers enjoy the ease of installation, low maintenance, and weather proofing provided by Keter sheds.

Keter offers a variety of storage sheds to meet the many different needs and tastes of its customers. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, Keter sheds can quickly solve any storage issue without the hassle of having to design, purchase, and assemble a custom storage shed from scratch. Keter sheds come in sizes to meet the needs of everyone from small families to small businesses. Keter not only offers different lines of storage sheds, but also offers large storage buildings, benches, and even dog houses.

All of their storage sheds are designed with use non-toxic Polypropylene, which is also 100% recyclable, and feature decorative hardware, built in drainage systems, and easy access. Keter sheds are also UV protected, water resistant, and feature quality air circulation that allows air to flow, while keeping bugs and critters out. The durability of Keter shed’s exterior means less work for the consumer. Keter sheds are low maintenance and require little upkeep, never needing to be repainted.

Since Keter sheds offer a variety of styles and sizes, all with Keter shed’s high quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing, the hardest decision customers will have to face is deciding which shed is right for them. The answer will depend on what each individual customer’s storage needs are. For smaller storage and organization needs, Keter offers its Store It Out and Greatspace options. These are ideal for folks looking for a neat way to store their lawn care and gardening supplies, and other odds and ends that might pile up around the garage. With the floor panel included in some models, they are also a great option for storing push mowers and other heavier equipment that might damage or become damaged on hard cement or Astroturf. Keter sheds has styles designed particularly with the gardener in mind as well. Their garden shed offers a sleek look with the added features of shelf units, a lid that can be propped up, and plenty of space to store lawn furniture, BBQ equipment, or garden decorations. The Garden Storage can also hold 2 240L refuse bins, with plenty of ventilation. If customers find their storage needs have expanded since their first Keter shed purchase, Keter also offers a line of extension add-ons that allow their storage units to be expanded to up to 3 feet per extension unit, with unlimited extension possibilities. Extension units can even be attached without the need to remove what’s already being stored in the shed.

For those with larger storage needs, Keter also offers storage buildings. These much larger Keter sheds are capable of holding riding mowers, bicycles, and can even double as a workshop in some cases. Keter’s storage buildings are offered in a wide assortment of styles and offer the same Keter quality customers have come to expect. Especially with these larger storage buildings, Keter recommends customers anchor their Keter sheds to a concrete or wood base using screws. While the warranty varies for each Keter shed series, the warranty is not protected against “acts of God,” and therefore it’s best to protect against such situations.

If you’re looking for a new storage solution for your home, lawn, or garden supplies, look no further than Keter sheds. With their reputation for quality, durability, and variety, you can’t go wrong.